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Jose Molineros, Ph.D. Computer Vision

Proverbs 25:2 (MSG) “God delights in concealing things; scientists delight in discovering things.

Proverbs 25:2 (KJV) “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”    

Proverbs 8:12 (KJV) “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

Jose Molineros, Ph.D.


Research scientist with a doctorate in computer vision and augmented reality. Experienced in R&D contracts, as well as commercial product development. MBA education and extracurricular activities make for a energetic, flexible professional with wide array of leadership and technical skills. Specialties: Computer Vision, Video Analytics, Surveillance, Augmented Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Image Analysis 

Computer Vision


God is exposing the hidden things of darkness. Hidden darkness might include spirits in the bloodline (for example a couple hundred years of witches), or demons integrated in the personality of the individual. The person may not even know that he/she is a witch, or that he/she has demons integrated in their soul. God gave to Dr. Erica Shepherd a condition that is affecting the church, the psychiatrists called it PTED (Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder). Such people are almost treatment resistant because it’s the world that has to change not them. But the effects of the hidden darkness are very apparent to the person: disease, losing opportunities, accidents, you name it. Many times, such people need to be convinced they are part of the problem. Deliverance technology is part of the Christ-based solution. SoulTrakker is a system consisting of a multitude of technologies to visualize body emotions, during and after being delivered. It does so by collecting “emotional information” non-intrusively. Techniques from the fields such as Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Sensor Fusion permit us to visualize body emotions. We do so by utilizing software that is free (examples: OpenCV libraries - software for Computer Vision) The “emotional information” is shown to the individual before and after deliverance in a way the person can understand. SoulTrakker in visualizing “emotional information” indicates to the person, in a visual form, that there is a problem which they need to address. The first step towards healing, is acceptance that there is a problem, and that God wants to heal them. Sometimes, the deliverance minister has to show the person what came out of him/her during deliverance or exorcism.  Jesus said, “Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe”. SoulTrakker helps with doubt-and-unbelief in the part of the body-of-Christ, and more importantly the person that comes to be delivered. At the same time, SoulTrakker is helping  to make the ministry deliverance more palatable to the public demystifying the biblical spiritual realm.

Soul Trakker (In Beta)


As a Christian, you should avoid traps that are planted by software, glorifying God at the same time, and it should be done in the spirit of excellence. What do you mean about traps planted by software? 

Ezekiel 7:20-21  They were proud of their beautiful jewelry and used it to make detestable idol and vile images. Therefore, I will make all their wealth disgusting to them. I will give it as plunder to foreigners, to the most wicked of nations, and they will defile it.

There is software sold by the most reputable chains that is defiled (video editing, music, painting, 3D design, business, gaming ... you name it) and free software too (academic C++ libraries, and every other software that you can imagine) whose owners belong to a satanic sect, or other witchcraft covens.  Take for example music. You can make your own tracks or loops with little or no experience in being a musician or playing any instrument. They have recorded backup voices. When you use these voices, in a track in something related to God, serious demonic manifestations start to appear. I experienced several of the manifestations (when I say serious... they are SERIOUS), until I learned that source of the program was a satanic sect. The same when using 3D programs, or art, you name it. Sometimes the 3D programs have “assets”. “Assets” are objects that are pre-designed by another individual that are put in a store for you to purchase (“assets” allow you to speed up your art, architectural design, or your game…whatever you are designing). Sometimes these assets are demonic. I had to learn the hard way.

This is one reason why the Christian movies, (and computer art, for ex: animations) which glorify God seem to seriously trail the secular, for example in “special effects”.

The problem is compounded when you have to spend hundreds of dollars, or thousands in software that turns out to defiled. Sometimes, it’s the only solution to the problem, and God wants you to overcome in Christ by using the software. 

Bottomline, if God wants to design the whole thing... Better design the whole thing…even is it seems improbable (frankly impossible) that you could do it. God will provide a way, even if that radically alters your workflow.  This is a new workflow, one that happens by faith.

One of the ways that God provided is open-source software. God opened the world of open source software to me, where I was accustomed to expensive software bought by the company, and only an open source solution here and there. 

For those that don’t know the term “open source”, it is a free alternative to a paid counterpart, where the copyright holder grant users the right to modify and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Turns out, there are open source software for most of the things that are made with a computer, thanks to Linux Operating System (different than Windows, and MacOS) where the prevalent philosophy is software for free. Some software even tops the paid counterparts, and some are bad; the whole gamut. The downside to using open source software is oftentimes you have to learn by varying quality YouTube videos, because there is little to no documentation.  It makes the learning curve even more steep.

Job 32:8 said, “But there is a spirit within people, the breath of the Almighty within them, that makes them intelligent”. I am glad that by the Holy Ghost I can learn…

And another thing, when designing a computer vision system, you have to choose the input, and in doing so, you have to choose the sensor (“Garbage in, Garbage out”). What happens when, midstream and without warning, the sensor is pulled from the market, no longer available, finito. Then you have to blindly work by faith that the sensor will be available in the future even though all indications seem to point that it is dead. That is what happened, but I had faith… Yesterday, I found out that the manufacturer of the sensor, will renew a new, improved version of the sensor and possibly cheaper. Thank you Jesus! 

In conclusion, God will require you to work the impossible... but with God all things are possible.

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